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Goodbye Vaudeville Charlie Mudd

Welcome yes welcome to 1914!

Last night was opening night of Goodbye Vaudeville Charlie Mudd, an absurdist play about obsession, acting, fear and change. The language in this play is amazing, often slipping into rhyming couplets.

The cast of young actors did a fabulous job, delivering raunchy double entendres with perfect comedic timing breaking the sombre tension of bitter secrets kept. The songs are amazing, particularly the final one, and the accompanying pianist (Mr Bones) and double bass player are thoroughly talented! I actually have some of the songs stuck in my head!

Though I can’t explain to you really what a great and strange play it is I really would urge you to go and see it at the Schonell Theatre. It runs until May 26th. You can book tickets here:

And you can find their trailer here: 

I have really been getting a lot of enjoyment from live entertainment recently, having also seen two music acts in the last month in the intimate setting of Jet Black Cat Records in West End. I think there’s something amazing about someone standing up and entertaining you without the separation of being seen through cameras, and that often for creative people, it’s a huge stimulation.

*Incidentally, their promo image at the top of my post is a French magician called Hermann the Great, and below, the great interlocuter Charlie Mudd (played by Isha Simpson).


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