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Anja Niemi

image owned by Anja Niemi

I was surfing the web for an awesome Finnish name to use in a short story, and came across Anja Niemi’s photography site. It’s some seriously powerful photography which depicts women in the limbo of hotel rooms, who seem to be in limbo themselves. (Be warned, the photography is probably about as depressing as Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia – so be warned, if there’s any sort of shitty stuff happening in your life I’d be choosing another time to check this photography out). Their attitudes too are incredible, almost absurd, but full of meaning, like the image below in which the subject seems to be too troubled by something more important to move herself into a comfortable position.

An older series hints at ghosts or memories lingering in deteriorating buildings, which I’m fascinated by, as I’m kind of drawn to decrepitude and what it says about humanity, and the potential it holds for new beginnings.

Image owned by Anja Niemi


2 comments on “Anja Niemi

  1. Irfan Hussain
    May 26, 2012

    That pose is kinda weird but i seem to like it.

    • wordgardener
      May 26, 2012

      I think the oddness of the pose is very arresting to the eye.

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