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To inspiring friends who don’t know how inspiring they are


“What’s it like being a girl having girl friends?” my boy friend asks as he and I and my girl friend sit on the shores of a lake with sand like semolina.

I shrug. “The same as being a boy having girl friends?” I reply.

“Is it?” he says, and I start to think about it over the next week, when I am depressed about being bored at work, and overworked at home, and lonely because I am depressed. And I wonder…is it? I’ve never been a boy, so I’m not sure.

Here is what it is like being a girl having girl friends;

You feel like the only person of your sex who masturbates and then you meet this girl who talks about masturbating, and it starts everyone talking about masturbating and suddenly you’re part of this group of people with a common interest, and then you love that girl forever.

Your girl friend takes you to a play about this amazing, mad woman who has been broken by mental illness, but is or was an incredible writer who lived the summers of her youth picking peas dressed as a man and lusting after jackaroos. Your girl friend is sitting next to you sneaking hot chips out of the cup you’ve smuggled into the theatre in your handbag. Then every time you see your girl friend after this there’s this lovely moment where you remember she’s the person who introduced you to your favourite writer.

Your girl friend studies philosophy and feminism and sends you a list of blogs to read that looks roughly like this:

1. Feministing

2. Girl Gang Zine

3. For the Birds

4. The Belle Jar

And you feel like you’ve stepped through a window into a fresh new world in which there are just all these really intelligent eyes looking around at stuff and extrapolating from this some terribly clever things that you feel you knew but didn’t know how to put into words.

You have this girl friend who seems to give a fuck about how you’re doing today, and who will share stories with you about times they were not okay so that you don’t feel like your bad day is something to be worried about. And when you think that maybe she’s having a bad day too today it completely rips through your self pity and snarls it up and throws it away, and you’re so grateful to have it off you that you start blogging again.

Dear boy friend, I hope having girl friends is the same for you. I think it probably is.


One comment on “To inspiring friends who don’t know how inspiring they are

  1. Ariana Russell
    April 4, 2013

    ❤ ❤ ❤ *shyyyyyy*

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