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Cats and territorial disputes

While trying to write about how inappropriate the UN’s arbitration tactics are for the Serbia/Kosovo situation, a neighbour popped over to see if the lizards and birds in my garden tasted better than the ones in hers. Here she is nesting in the invasive vine taking over my fence.
My conflict resolution paper is about the reasons arbitration (which involves a third party assessing claims and making a decision, and most often has a win/lose outcome) might not be an appropriate conflict resolution tool for territorial disputes which are rooted in ideological or ethnic claims to land.

My neighbour doesn’t care about the rigid straight lined boundaries we humans set up. Her territory is a much more complex area with boundaries that overlap and change depending who’s been musking up the joint most recently. It’s kind of refreshing after all this reading about boundary disputes. And research has shown that communities in which people know and interact with their neighbours are just straight up better (Check out Seeking The Good Community). But I am kind of concerned she’s eating my wildlife. I need those lizards to eat my spiders!

– Cat rant over! DS.


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