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Six degrees between Sean Connery, Lee Pace and Beethoven?


So on the weekend I watched this amazingly weird movie called Zardoz, which is by far the best Sean Connery movie I have ever seen. A giant stone head, the god ‘Zardoz’, floats through the sky in the opening minutes. Connery hides in its mouth  and is transported to an immortal but fallible community practicing eugenics on his people. I can’t even begin to describe the rest to you because it’s so far outside the usual filmic experience (particularly after the golden age of experimental films in the 70s), so just watch it and yell “What the FUCK” several times at your home cinema set-up, and thank me later. (If you’re a lady you’ll enjoy how blase the immortal lassies are about covering their tits – one of our culture’s shittiest mandates. If you’re a guy, you’ll enjoy how blase the immortal lassies are about covering their tits…etcetera.)

Around the 2.30 minute mark on the trailer you’ll hear the most amazing piece of music, which my classical music loving friend took two seconds to identify and inform me that it was Beethoven’s 7th Symphony (specifically movement II. One day I’ll steal his brain and ingest its contents. On that day this blog will become 600% more informative). It’s a really moving and powerful film (which you wouldn’t expect of something in which Connery’s romps around wearing nothing but his long, looooong plait, a bandolier, a red dick-bag and thigh high pleather boots), but the music made it even more better.  I knew I’d heard it in another movie  I’d really loved, but it didn’t come to me until I was falling asleep with the notes still going round in my head.

Lee Pace is in this gorgeous and little known film called The Fall, which has some wonderful cinematography, and features Beethoven’s Seventh to great effect.

(Trailer warning: The urge to squeeze the cutest child actor ever’s cheeks may make your eyes explode.)

Meanwhile…the whole of the Beethoven movement can be heard here.

Meanwhile…here’s another still from Zardoz, after a costume change.

– Rent it, rent it now! DS.


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