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Come on everybody, join the Procrasto-nation

LP and I are in the middle of studying for exams at the moment, so I thought I’d give you a roundup of our favourite procrastination websites, webcomics and weblove.

Recently entering my sphere of vision is: The Abominable Charles Christopher, a delightful webcomic with a somewhat ‘Totoro’ like protagonist who is an abominable snowman. The real kicker about this one is the depictions of the other characters (all forest animals) who have drinking issues, psychology sessions with a cricket, marital problems, shonky salesanimals, and some really tasteless soap operas. It’s written and drawn by Karl Kerschl who does stuff for DC.



Next up is one of LP’s current favourites from Erika Moen at Bitch Media, ‘Oh Joy Sex Toy!’ A comic-style (hilarious) review of sex toys. “No hands ma!”

Also one of LP’s new faves is Jess Fink’s Chester 5000 – a webcomic of 19th Century erotic, robotic romance!

For all ya arts and literature needs, as well as some great podcasts, head to The Nervous Breakdown.

Finally, hit up this music podcast… I am about to! All Back No Front.


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