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White Picket Fence Dreams


So, not last night but the night before I had this really disturbing dream.

I was in a tiny yet semi-wide, clean, corporate elevator that was playing that easy-listening muzak. I was towards the front and behind me were four men in sharp, crisp business suits. All of them had prams with sickeningly clean babies in them. This elevator trip seemed painfully awkward as all four men were breathing heavily behind my back. Their loud, heavy breathing seemed to be pushing me into the doors of the elevator. The elevator seemed to be going in a downward motion rather than up. Time didn’t seem to exist which only emphasised the fact that the journey was taking forever. Suddenly one of the men asked me if I wanted kids. Like that was some kind of norm. To which I abruptly replied, “No. I will never have kids.”

Immediately the elevator doors opened, as if my response to this question forced the doors to open. It was overwhelmingly hot, which implied that my response was the wrong one. I quickly stepped out and the four men in suits with prams followed me. They slowly began chasing me down what seemed like some kind of corridor in an office-like building but the corridors were much more narrow and claustrophobic (more so than usual) and the building seemed to be deep underground somewhere. All throughout the corridors behind me i could hear babies screaming and crying, gaining on me quicker and quicker.

I woke up sweating.

I told this to my friend, who’s response was the best possible interpretation: “That’s your white picket fence dream chasing you.” – Ooh, that white picket fence, old chestnut! Love that old fella; he’s done wonders for families around the world!




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