Consanguineous Minds

A blog of endless curiosity


Welcome to Consanguineous Minds.

2013 update: Consanguineous Minds is now a we! Enjoy pieces by not one but two bloggers offering perspectives and stories.

Meet our Writers:

Our Consanguineous Mind representing all things feminist, philosophical, political, critical and literary is doing her Arts degree majoring in Literature & Philosophy. She has a smashing taste in blogs (which you can read about here), a bitchin’ haircut, and a love of ticklish words. She’ll be signing off as your friendly neighbourhood LP!

Keeping an eye on the world of dubious market ethics, globalisation, inequality and politics is Consanguineous Mind number two, currently chewing on topics from her degree in social science. Majoring in Development Studies and with a degree in writing behind her, she’ll be signing her hand as DS.

About the blog:

First question: what does consanguineous mean? related by blood, or having the same descent. Not all blog posts on Consanguineous Minds will be related, but they will be delicious for all those similar minds that are fascinated by many things at once. The connections between things (in the scientific sense, not the new age ‘The Secret’ sense) is one of those fascinating things.

Mostly this blog is about all the things, because my mind is somewhat like a helmet filled with octopus tentacles, all trying to grab everything at once.

Also, bloody hell, how much fun is it to say consanguineous! Go forth and find the consanguinity!

Second question: There ain’t one.


One comment on “About

  1. SoundEagle
    May 19, 2013

    Curiosity kills the cat, but . . . .
    Curiosity fills the octopus!

    With flowing tentacles . . . .
    The octopus pumps out consanguineous ink!

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